Rhythm & Load Hitting Drills

Importance of Rhythm and Load Hitting Drills Arriving at hitting position too early or too late, gives players bad timing and inconsistent hitting. Because of the importance of that timing, developing a fluid, backward movement along with a balanced, well-timed stride takes continual practice. The best hitters have a sense of rhythm with an easy flow of getting back and ready to swing. Preparing the bat to swing must become natural and instinctive so hitters do not have to think about it. Any thought that takes the mind off the ball is counter-productive when hitting. All hitters need to find their own way of preparing to swing because … [Read more...]

Best Free Baseball Hitting Videos – Staying Inside the Ball Drills

Baseball Hitting Videos for Staying Inside the Ball First, it is important to note the difference between staying inside the ball and inside outing the ball. A good swing has to come to the inside back of the ball in order to drive the ball consistently hard and to hit the ball in the direction of the pitched ball, which gives hitters the best odds at base hits. Inside outing a ball is a swing that tries to get the hands inside of an inside pitch, in order to take the ball to the opposite field, which is usually for the hit and run play. The following drill works to help hitters understand and perform the desired swing of keeping the hands … [Read more...]

Bat Speed Hitting Drills

Bat Speed Hitting Drills for Success The following bat speed hitting drills develop bat speed and should only be performed by an experienced coach. The dropped ball drill is more challenging than the traditional side flips that most coaches use. This drill requires bat quickness and the correct first move of driving the hands to the back of the ball in a compact manner, whereas hitters can get away with a longer and slower swing with side flips. Coaches should drop the ball from no higher than the batters eye level and can eventually drop the ball from lower heights as hitters get quicker swings. Coaches should not drop balls until the … [Read more...]

Coaching Drills for Bat Speed Development – The Video

These Coaching Drills for Bat Speed Work These three hitting drills develop bat speed, along with a compact, fundamentally sound swing. These drills are mostly self-explanatory and build hand, wrist, and forearm strength, all vital for gaining bat speed. Though not easy hitting line drives on the knee without having the legs to open the hips, it is necessary and done by driving the hands to the inside back of the ball, with arm extension. Hitting on the knee is also a good way of helping hitters’ understanding of staying back, hitting behind the ball, not rolling the wrists at contact and for maintaining posture through the swing. These two … [Read more...]