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3 Very Popular Baseball Practice Drills I am not Fond of

Popular baseball practice drills that hurt more than help? All baseball practice drills have a purpose, with some more effective than others are. All drills, done correctly, focus on a particular area of baseball and strive to further players’ understanding and performance of baseball skills, making them useful. However, I have noticed that some very […]

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Top 10 Keys to Giving Baseball Lessons

  The Art to Giving Baseball Lessons   I am in my 25th year of giving baseball lessons and the cool thing is that I am still learning as I go. I am not only learning new tricks of the coaching baseball trade, but also learning how to more effectively work with players. There is an […]

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365 Days to Better Baseball – Just Do It?

Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – When in Doubt I have seen many baseball players not sure of what to do it at times. They are in a great hitting or pitching groove and some continue to practice and work hard when others take a break until the groove ends. There […]

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