3 Very Popular Baseball Practice Drills I am not Fond of

Popular baseball practice drills that hurt more than help? All baseball practice drills have a purpose, with some more effective than others are. All drills, done correctly, focus on a particular area of baseball and strive to further players’ understanding and performance of baseball skills, making them useful. However, I have noticed that some very popular baseball practice drills often hurt players’ development, as much as they help.  The most common of these negative practices is coaches lobbing balls to young hitters, rewarding uppercut swings with the dropping ball. Along the same lines, lobbing balls for players to catch, create bad … [Read more...]

Top 10 Keys to Giving Baseball Lessons

  The Art to Giving Baseball Lessons   I am in my 25th year of giving baseball lessons and the cool thing is that I am still learning as I go. I am not only learning new tricks of the coaching baseball trade, but also learning how to more effectively work with players. There is an art to working with each player according to their personality. With some players, coaches can work them harder physically, get more technical with, and challenge physically and mentally, than they can with other players. Coaching youth is not a one teaching method works for all and doing the wrong thing with a player can turn them off to baseball, or at … [Read more...]

365 Days to Better Baseball – Just Do It?

Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – When in Doubt I have seen many baseball players not sure of what to do it at times. They are in a great hitting or pitching groove and some continue to practice and work hard when others take a break until the groove ends. There are two ways to look at this situation: One, “Hey, if it ain’t broke there is nothing to fix,” so leave well enough alone and do not practice for  a period, so they do not the risk changing a good thing. Two, on the other hand, the hard work is what got one in to the groove, so why stop working? Tough call, but when in doubt, and especially when there is no … [Read more...]