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Laws of Learning

Laws of Learning with Coach John Wooden

Coach John Wooden and the Laws of Learning Even though they were called “The Laws of Learning” in his book, Wooden, they refer to the absolutely- necessary teaching methods for sport coaching and player development. Coach John Wooden – whom I quote often, as all sport coaches should, along with wanting to follow his coaching practices […]

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mickey mantle

The Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Jack Perconte Stories are Crucial for Youth Ballplayers

Helping Youth Ballplayers Learn Sport Resiliency The next time your players, sons, and daughters roll their eyes with a Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle or one of your own stories, do not worry, as it is one of the best things you can do for them. It is cool to include my name with some of […]

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Youth Sports are not All About having Fun – Wouldn’t You Rather?

Youth Sports have Greater Purpose No matter what I write about in the area of coaching youth sports, most readers immediately comment, “But it’s all about kids having fun.” Internally, I respond, “No it’s not.” The moral of the story is that adults should not believe that the purpose of youth sports is only for […]

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Performance Enhancing Drugs and Ryan Braun

Performance Enhancing Drugs and Ryan Braun Situation This article was from a couple years back but it still seems pertinent today, in light of the latest Ryan Braun news, so here it is again. I am not one to talk bad about baseball. I absolutely love the game – all phases of it from the […]

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Fielding Ground Balls – Where to Line them Up

Fielding Ground Balls – Not Major League Fields Major league players play on immaculately manicured baseball fields. When they do not line ground balls up correctly, they usually get away with it, not to mention they have extra ordinary hand eye coordination with great glove work. It goes without saying, youth baseball fields are not […]

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