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Baseball Hitting Coaches: Define Your Audience – Coaching Tips for Inexperienced Players

Baseball Hitting Coaches need to Know Different Coaching Methods Ultimately, hitting mechanics are hitting mechanics, and they do not change for any level, but coaching different levels of players does change. Many baseball hitting coaches adorn the internet with their knowledge. They have a very good understanding of hitting mechanics, even though they may use […]

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Little League Elbow with Catchers – Solutions

Little League Elbow with Catchers is more Common than with Pitchers – Who Knew? The following suggested solutions for little league elbow complaints for the catching position may be what is necessary. I read the article at the American Journal of Sports Medicine, which someone circulated on a linked in-group discussion. I figured the article […]

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Message to MLB – Be Bold, Change Now, Before It’s Too Late

 Major League Baseball –  Don’t Wait too Long I believe baseball is the greatest game ever invented, but I also believe it is time for MLB to change some things, before it is too late. It doesn’t take studies and all to know that kids are simply not watching baseball on TV the way they […]

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Mike Schmidt

Thank You Mike Schmidt – But, Will Anybody Listen

Mike Schmidt: Will they Listen to a Hall of Famer My new “go to“ line with my hitting students is “Try it, you may end up with a homerun.” Thank You, Mike Schmidt Hall of Famer, Mike Schmidt just came out with an article on postseason hitting and the state of hitting in general. Mike […]

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Baseball skills

Baseball Skills 7-Year-Old Baseball Players Should Know

Baseball Skills to Teach Young Players For parents, who want their kids to prosper in baseball, they should be sure their sons and daughters know these baseball skills by the time they are 7 years old. Of course, advanced youth players may know much more, but this is a good start. Of course, becoming proficient […]

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Do not Try to Hit Like Alfonso Soriano – The Baseball Stance to Teach

He may be hot, that’s an understatement, but don’t teach youth players to hit like Alfonso Soriano. Very Few can Hit Like Alfonso Soriano - A Better Baseball Stance Players’ baseball stances obviously vary, but I notice more and more youth baseball players go to the closed baseball stance, as one used by the accomplished major […]

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3 Very Popular Baseball Practice Drills I am not Fond of

Popular baseball practice drills that hurt more than help? All baseball practice drills have a purpose, with some more effective than others are. All drills, done correctly, focus on a particular area of baseball and strive to further players’ understanding and performance of baseball skills, making them useful. However, I have noticed that some very […]

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Top 10 Keys to Giving Baseball Lessons

  The Art to Giving Baseball Lessons   I am in my 25th year of giving baseball lessons and the cool thing is that I am still learning as I go. I am not only learning new tricks of the coaching baseball trade, but also learning how to more effectively work with players. There is an […]

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Best Hitting Drill of the Year – 2013 Video

Best Hitting Drill of the Year – Season Two If you haven’t watched last years’ riveting best hitting drill of the year tournament, where 16 awesome baseball drills batted it out for the best hitting drill of the year, you should check it out. This year was no contest for the best hitting drill of […]

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Baseball Hitting Drills to Eliminate Long Arm Swing

Faster hands baseball hitting drills If you are tired of watching your young player swing late and hit lazy balls with little bat speed, this is another of the great slump busters hitting drills to use. Many youth ball players have long arm swings and never get the forearm strength to get the ball to […]

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