6 Most Common Mistakes of First Basemen

Coaching First Basemen is not as Easy as it Looks Many coaches think the first base position is for non-athletic players and that it is just a matter of being able to catch a ball to play the position. Nothing is further from the truth and many youth coaches do not know the finer details of the  position to help first basemen and teams. Baseball is such a game of inches and nowhere is that more evident than with first base play, when every inch matters. Any slight mistake by first basemen makes the difference between the out and safe call. Unfortunately, many youth coaches do not know the finer details of first base play and do not realize … [Read more...]

Youth Sports are not All About having Fun – Wouldn’t You Rather?

Youth Sports have Greater Purpose No matter what I write about in the area of coaching youth sports, most readers immediately comment, “But it’s all about kids having fun.” Internally, I respond, “No it’s not.” The moral of the story is that adults should not believe that the purpose of youth sports is only for having fun. Do not get me wrong, I believe having fun is very important in everything, especially in youth sports, as I wrote a two hundred-page sports book on helping adults keep the fun in youth sports. However, there is a big difference between keeping the fun in sport and with having fun as the essence of sport. I am all for … [Read more...]

Do not Try to Hit Like Alfonso Soriano – The Baseball Stance to Teach

He may be hot, that's an understatement, but don't teach youth players to hit like Alfonso Soriano. Very Few can Hit Like Alfonso Soriano - A Better Baseball Stance Players’ baseball stances obviously vary, but I notice more and more youth baseball players go to the closed baseball stance, as one used by the accomplished major league player, Alfonso Soriano. The closed baseball stance involves setting the batter’s lead foot closer to home than their rear foot. The closed stance generally leads to players stepping into the ball, which may seem to be a good thing. Additionally, one would think that youth players could not go wrong by copying … [Read more...]

365 Days to Better Baseball – Captain America

Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching – King for a Day It is not practical to have captains at the youth baseball level, but in an effort to continually find ways of making things fun, as well as finding ways to build kids’ self-esteem, I like the practice of picking a different player each practice to be “Captain for a Day.” These captains make the call on any practice type decisions that the coach has. For example, the coach has that days captain decide what skills the team works on first, second, etc or decides the batting order for that days practice or the captain may be asked to choose up sides for any team competition drills, … [Read more...]