One Chance for First Impression – Tip of the Day

The first meeting with team parents and the first meeting with the players is crucial for a smooth season. Coaches must prepare for both because the first impression buys the coaching staff time to gain respect from all. At the preseason parents … [Read more]

Hope is a Beautiful Thing – Tip of the Day

One of my first questions to my hitting students is, "Do you have your batting tee setup at home." The word setup is the key, because many have the tee, but that doesn't mean it's being used or ready for use. After the question, I inform them that … [Read more]

Baseball Focus Help – Tip of the Day

Even with young ball players, or especially with young baseball players I should say, it is important to help them learn baseball focus methods. Kids' minds wander easily, and especially during baseball games when there are 15 to 20 seconds between … [Read more]