Baseball Coaching Video – Relay Throws

Coaching Relay Throws Along with stealing a base, no play excited me more than making relay throws. The opportunity to throw a runner out from advancing, especially to home plate, was thrilling every time. Just like stealing a base, fractions of … [Read more]

Baseball Observations that Keep Heads in Games

10 Baseball  Observations when on the Bench Coaches often implore players to keep their heads in games when sitting on the bench. The problem is that players often do not know what that means. Additionally, having players with wandering minds is not … [Read more]

The Batting Coach Job – No Thank You

The Major League Batting Coach Of all the baseball coaching jobs, the batting coach is the one to avoid. That is a fact if one likes to sleep at night. Being a hitting coach at every level is often a no-win job but particularly in the major leagues. … [Read more]