Hitting Timing Issues from Flipped Balls

Most baseball players begin practices with pretty good timing, even those with poor hitting mechanics. But, coaches flipping balls at them from straight and behind a screen, may screw up that hitting timing. Coaches must realize that for every foot … [Read more]

Bold Coaching Move

Coaches should give this bold coaching move a try, especially when playing a team known for their intensity. Before the game, coaches gather their players and parents together and inform them that they will applaud nice plays of the opposition. This … [Read more]

Cubs Manager Joe Maddon Finally Makes a Bad Call

Joe Maddon - It's Time for A Screen to Protect Fans Being in Chicago, I stay up to date on my Chicago sports news. I pay extra attention to anything Joe Maddon says. He is a walking, talking clinic for youth sports coaches. His game moves and … [Read more]