Pitch Selection Baseball Hitting – Finding Hot & Cold Areas

Pitch Selection Baseball Hitting System One thing I want my hitters to know is the pitch locations they hit well and those  they do not hit well.  That knowledge of ...

major league stadiums

#1 Rated Major League Stadium of Yesteryear – Suspense is Over

Number 1 Major League Stadium and Number 1-A I am down to my top ranked major league stadium of yesteryear. The suspense is over, and this is so exciting for ...

Hitting Drill of the Year – 2014

Hitting Drill of the Year Teaches Hitting the Outside Pitch When players or parents ask what players can do at home for hitting practice, or when little practice time is ...

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Baseball Hitting Coaches: Define Your Audience – Coaching Tips for Inexperienced Players

Baseball Hitting Coaches need to Know Different Coaching Methods Ultimately, hitting mechanics are hitting mechanics, and they do not change for any level, but coaching different levels of players does change. Many baseball hitting coaches adorn the internet with their knowledge. They have a very good understanding of hitting mechanics, even though they may use […]

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Little League Elbow with Catchers – Solutions

Little League Elbow with Catchers is more Common than with Pitchers – Who Knew? The following suggested solutions for little league elbow complaints for the catching position may be what is necessary. I read the article at the American Journal of Sports Medicine, which someone circulated on a linked in-group discussion. I figured the article […]

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Coaching the Backhand Play – Video

Coaching the Backhand – Baseball Instruction Video For most infielders, the backhand play is the toughest play, not only to catch, but also to complete the play, as they are usually moving away from the direction of the throw. This is also a difficult play for coaches to teach, as many coaches do not know […]

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overuse injuries in youth sports

Overuse Injuries – Another Youth Coaching Responsibility

Youth Coaching Responsibility # 6,000 – Overuse Injuries Prevention As if there is not enough on a youth coach’s plate, they also should stay on top of this, too. Overuse injuries are common in sport, and awareness of the causes and signs of overuse injuries is another responsibility of the sport coach. Many parents have […]

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youth coach

Reality Check – Quit Blaming the Youth Coach

It is time parents start accepting responsibility instead of blaming the youth coach It is truly amazing that any sane person wants to coach youth sports, as it is usually a no win situation. For those, who decide to try youth coaching, prepare yourself for culpability for just about everything – including, global warming, a […]

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Fun, Effective Hitting Drill for Timing and Bat Control

Advance Retreat Hitting Drill Once players have warmed up and established a good fundamental swing on the batting tee, it is time to recreate the good swing with timing. Maintaining the same swing with a moving ball, where timing and distance comes into play, is not easy, but the next necessary step in the hitting […]

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royals stadium

Royals Stadium, Kansas City – My 2nd Rated Major League Stadium of Yesteryear

Royals Stadium – Eminently Beautiful I must apologize for taking so long to write about my 2nd rated major league stadium. It has taken a long time to get over the shock. The fish I dreamed of had gotten majestic. The only problem was that fish is apparently one magnificent lie. Nonetheless, this stadium was […]

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Youth coaching rules

Two Youth Coaching Rules to Help Save Youth Sport

Necessary and Needed Youth Coaching Rules I am not completely serious about saving youth sport, but, what if two youth coaching rules prevented many unfortunate situations. Often a day does not go by, when I do not read, or hear, of some obnoxious parent(s) on the sidelines. Their offensive behavior ruins the sport experience for […]

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The Case Against Side Toss Hitting Drill

Better Option than Side Toss Hitting Drill Traditional side toss hitting drill is OK when used as a warm up tool, but it is much overused as a teaching drill. Players with good swings keep their good swings with side toss, but it does little to create better swings for those with swing flaws, unless […]

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baseball skill development

Hands on Baseball Skill Development

Baseball Skill Development – Coaching in Detail Baseball coaches, who recognize and devote themselves to the smallest details, are the best coaches. As with all baseball skill development, when coaches allow even slightly wrong actions, correcting the bad habits later becomes much more difficult. Often, coaching attention goes to the big, powerful body muscles, but […]

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