Mental Game of Fielding

Mental Game of Fielding takes Time When baseball coaches talk about having great instincts for the game, they usually refer to fielding and base running. The mental game of fielding and base running determine a player’s feel for the game. Youth … [Read more]

Joe Maddon Nails it in so Many Ways

Joe Maddon teaching Youth Coaches Maybe some were not surprised, but people just learning about Joe Maddon must have been impressed with his initial press conference as the new manager of the Chicago Cubs. Being about youth sports, I like to relate … [Read more]

5 Keys to Quality At-Bats

Quality at-bats are key to hitting success   Quality at-bats produce a higher batting average. Also, quality at-bats help  teams offensive production, even when hits do not result. Of course, solid hitting mechanics and practice enhance the … [Read more]