Best Defensive Baseball Advice – Tip of the Day

"How many swings you take this week?" is one of the first questions I ask of my students. After hearing their answer, I follow that up with I hope you took that many ground balls or fly balls too. That statement about the defensive baseball side … [Read more]

Hitting Timing – Batting Practice Tip of the Day

Once a player has trouble with hitting timing, regaining that timing can be a difficult thing. When working with two players of the same age together on their hitting, I may lob the ball to one and fire it to the other. The reason is to help their … [Read more]

Baseball Game Video is Crucial

"Who is that?" is my question after watching a baseball game video of one of my students at-bats. I say one of my baseball hitting students, but that question and situation occurs more often than one would think. I work hitters in practice and they … [Read more]