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Hands Down Drill [Fixes Baseball Swing]

Baseball Swing Fix

Hands Down Drill for Hitting After another year of experimenting with new and old hitting drills, one has emerged as the best for last year. When I say best, it seemed to solve more hitting fundamental mistakes than the other drills used. Another exciting year of baseball instruction just ended … [Read More...]

Best Free Baseball Videos – Developing Strong Hands for Hitting a Baseball

Shorten Baseball Swing

Developing Strong Hands for Hitting a Baseball Most young hitters swing the bat with all arms, or they allow their elbows to get in the way on their way to contact. This is understandable because young hitters have not developed the hand and forearm strength to control the bat for a compact swing. … [Read More...]

Rhythm & Load Hitting Drills

Importance of Rhythm and Load Hitting Drills Arriving at hitting position too early or too late, gives players bad timing and inconsistent hitting. Because of the importance of that timing, developing a fluid, backward movement along with a balanced, well-timed stride takes continual … [Read More...]

Rapid Fire Baseball Fielding Drills – Baseball Video

Fielding Drills to Develop Quick Hands These rapid-fire baseball fielding drills are great for providing numerous repetitions in a short amount of time, while teaching the mechanics of fielding. These drills teach players when to use two hands and when to use the glove only, as well as practicing … [Read More...]